Unleashing Love – Fun Facts

  1. Griffin’s fear of dogs and what led to that fear is based off a true story. One of my best friend’s son experienced this when he was four.
  2. I also have a little fear of dogs, and most animals. Even cats! I can’t help it. I have no childhood tragedy that attributes to it, though.
  3. We actually have a cat, but he lives outside. 
  4. Sometimes I’m scared of him. hahaha
  5. The idea for the story came out of the blue. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if a dog walker who loves animals falls for a man who hates them? How would that play out?”
  6. I had entirely too much fun coming up with names for where she worked, fun events at the doggie boutique, and planning out a doggie resort for someone who doesn’t adore dogs. 
  7. I could eat mashed potatoes by the bowl and the way Emma Kate makes them is the same way I do! Delish!
  8. Emma Kate wears a lot of pink. I love pink. I’m sure that’s why.