Secret Service Setup Discussion Questions

  1. Which character could you identify most with? Least? Why?
  2. Evan made a terrible mistake in his past and with Jody and feels unable to have a second chance. Could you relate to Evan’s feelings?
  3. Evan believes he might be just like his father and it scares him because he’s seen some of those traits in himself. Have you ever felt this way because of traits you’ve seen in yourself due to a parent or family member? How have you overcome that?
  4. Jody doesn’t feels let down by God in many ways. Can you relate? How?
  5. This book is full of non-stop action. Which action scene did you find most suspenseful?
  6. Which character main or minor was your favorite and why?
  7. Evan feels utterly betrayed at the end and it hits him how hurt Jody must have been when he betrayed her. Have you ever been betrayed? How did you let God heal you? Or are you still in a struggle?
  8. How did you feel about the “bomb” scene?
  9. Was it fun seeing Beckett and Shepherd on the page again?
  10. Who would you cast as Evan and Jody?