Protective Duty – Fun Facts

  • Protective Duty’s original title was Last Breath.
  • When I wrote the book, the heroine’s name was Ryann. But it was a bit too masculine so I was asked to change it. Ryann became Bryn. But I still call her Ryann. I can’t help it.
  • Protective Duty’s story came from the minor character, Eric Hale. In Fatal Reunion, he hinted to some things in his past and of his sister. When I wrote that I had no clue what it was. It just came out. That little kernel turned into his full back story and plot when writing Protective Duty.
  • I was asked to remove a scene from the story because it was too violent for the Love Inspired line, but ya’ll, I had researched wood chippers for over an hour and didn’t want that to become useless knowledge, so I reworked the scene to make it less violent. It worked and is in the book!
  • Royal Family Kids Camp happens to be a real camp for abused children. I’ve served at this camp several times and wanted to use it in the story. You can read more about Royal Family Kids Camp here.
  • I decided Eric would wear a signature black leather jacket and play golf while writing Protective Duty. When I received edits for Fatal Reunion (where Eric is a minor character) I inserted the leather jacket and Eric reading a golf magazine in the hospital scene of Fatal Reunion.
  • My daughter found this in her high school library! Her librarian was reading my book!

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