Protective Duty – Discussion Questions

1. Bryn had dreams that changed course due to a terrible incident in her family? Have you ever experienced your course changing due to circumstances? How did you respond to that?

2. Eric works with a camp for abused children. Do you have a ministry that you love dearly and devote time to?

3. Bryn keeps a secret from Eric out of fear of embarrassment. Have you ever kept a secret? If so, did it fester until it burst like with Bryn?

4. Eric’s loves his Twizzlers. Do you have a favorite food or a comfort food?

5. Eric’s dad harbors bitterness toward Bryn because of something someone in her family did. Is that fair? Have you ever experienced anything like this? How did it turn out?

6. Who was your favorite character and why?

7. Who did you relate to most? Least?

8. Bryn has a sweet little puppy. Do you have a pet and if so do you feel like its mama?

9. Have you ever experienced being treated less than equal because of your gender? How did you handle that?

10. Would you agree with Bryn that this is a “man’s world” and she has to work hard to try and be equal? If so why? If you don’t agree, why not?

11. Bryn comes to the conclusion that she never would have found her true purpose and passion had she not been in the circumstances she ended up in. Do you believe that everything does work together for good for those who love and put their trust in God? Why or why not?