More Than Words – Fun Facts

  1. Next to Hope Under Mistletoe, this book was a favorite to write. I loved Jax from the start and my heart broke over his situation.
  2. I’ve read so many books about divorce and it’s typically from the woman’s point of view. I wanted to do something different and show a dad’s point of view—a day who truly wants to be part of his daughter’s life.
  3. Cassie was easy to write because I relate to her gift of gab. Jax was more difficult because he doesn’t have many words. His feelings come out in actions.
  4. I cried twice writing this story.
  5. This was the only novella in the series I felt like I could keep writing and expand the story into a full length novel. There was more I wanted to explore but couldn’t due to word count constraints.
  6. Jax reminds me a little of Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls in the sense that he’s a man of few words but lots of action that translates into fixing things all the time.
  7. I had to research how to build a porch. It was a snooze fest.
  8. I enjoy refurbishing old furniture. I have a garage full right now.
  9. I didn’t plot this story like I did Just the Way You Are or It’s Always Been You. It was a fly by the seat of my pants all the way through. The only rewrite I inserted was a kiss earlier on in the story.
  10. This is the ONLY novella with a country song (I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice) on the soundtrack because though I live in the South, I don’t usually listen to country music. I heard this song with my daughter and it was perfect for Jax. It’s just so him. I listened to it for hours writing!