Final Verdict – Fun Facts

  1. This was the first Love Inspired book that I got to keep my working title!
  2. I may have driven my brother-in-law and my Assistant District Attorney friend crazy with questions. I think they still like me though.
  3. Final Verdict takes place in the same quirky town of Hope that Concealed Identity is set in, but I didn’t know until the end of Concealed Identity that I was going to pair Beckett Marsh with Aurora Daniels.
  4. My editor told me the villain was deliciously evil. I tend to agree.
  5. Mitch Rydell also has a role in this story, but he doesn’t have his own book. I’m thinking of writing a novella and giving him a love interest. He deserves one.
  6. There’s a running joke through this book that has to do with eggs and courage. This was the first little scene that popped into my head when I was plotting this book. I knew this scene right after I ended Concealed Identity. It ended up carrying itself to the end.
  7. I had no idea about the tragedy that happened to Beckett until I plopped it out on paper. It surprised me.
  8. This was the first book I wrote in our new house and my new office.