A Cry in the Dark Fun Facts

  1. The original title of this book was Their Pretty Faces.
  2. Violet was the hardest female character to write. She was aloof and often abrasive which doesn’t make for a likable heroine. Softening her too much went against who she was. I had to find the balance and it took several takes to get it to a place that felt right.
  3. I had no idea where Hossie was the entire book.
  4. I had no clue who the little girl in the photograph was when I wrote it and thought I’d have to scrap it because if it wasn’t a pertinent clue to the story, it didn’t need to be mentioned. But once I got to the mid-way mark, it hit me like a ton of bricks why it was there and who it was.
  5. I’ve never actually seen the movie Deliverance but I know the premise and the song.
  6. My editor asked me to make the first half of the book creepier. Thus I layered in the doll aspect further. It was always there but not quite as prevalent. I added the scene with the doll by the creek outside Mother’s.