A Cry in the Dark Discussion Questions

Violet Rainwater had never felt parental love and her pain is hidden by a mask of indifference and coldness at times. Can you relate to her? Why or why not?


Violet’s past hindered her from moving forward. Have you ever been sidelined by things you couldn’t control? How did you move on?


In planning this story, I never intended for so much spiritual warfare to show up on the pages. In the darkness of the holler itself and in the lies that everyone believed from the heroine to the villain to the oppressed women in the holler. How did the enemy use various lies to affect the behaviors and beliefs of the people? What lies have you believed that you were freed from through the Truth of Jesus Christ?


Not a single mom besides Ruby played a positive role in their child’s life. The Blind Eye Killer’s mom, Regis and Cecil’s mom, Mother, Violet’s mom and grandmother. What does this teach us about the power and influence a mother has on her children and those who see her maternally? How has your own mother influenced you? How do you influence your children or people who look to you as a mentor or authority figure?


There is a lot of generational trauma in Mother’s family. She was hurt and influenced by her own mother and instead of fighting it, she continued the cycle. What lies did she believe and how did it shape her view of being in control?


Did you notice the providence (God’s divine hand guiding from the background) in the story? Looking back on your own life, how has God been directing you when you didn’t even know it until after the fact?


Violet wants answers to her past but she doesn’t get what she wants. However, she does get what she needs. How is that different? When you have wanted something but God refused it only to give you what you needed?


What twist surprised you most?


What do you think Ruby and Violet’s relationship will be like now that Ruby is going to Memphis and Violet has surrendered her life to Jesus?


Do you think Violet will end up being a good mom to Stella? Why or why not?


Aunt Hossie provides for the people in her care but they never see her due to “gout.”


Violet tells John, “I’d resigned to the fact she didn’t exist.” She snickered. “Or was dead.”

“Unseen doesn’t equal nonexistent or dead. I guess you know that by now.” He winked and opened the front door.


What do you think John meant and how did this symbolism with Aunt Hossie also layer in the theme of providence? Did you wonder where Aunt Hossie was too? So did I the entire book. LOL I. kept thinking, “Where is this lady? Why is she not around? Is she sick? Is she dead?” I had no idea. Finally, at the very end, it dawned on me who she was meant to symbolize in the story.


Do you think Whiskey was a truly evil man or a man shaped by his environment?


Do you think Greg was dipping into the dark side or was he being honest about trying to do the right thing and just playing a part undercover? Why?


Are you ready to read Tiberius Granger’s story? 🙂